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On August 4th, an explosion rocked the heart of Lebanon's capital, Beirut. The devastating explosion took place at the port of Beirut. Leaving thousands of Lebanese  families homeless and over 200 people deceased. The initial reports by the World Health Organization, United Nations and the European Union estimated the damages between US $3.8-4.6 billion, and the range of losses between US $2.9-3.5 billion. However, more recent estimates place the damages at US $15 billion.

I urge you to help the community of Lebanon by donating now..

Survival Search.jpg

The Aftermath destruction and Search for Survivors

Hassan Ammar/AP

Over 300,000 people have been left homeless and over 6,000 have been injured. By donating directly to the active non-profit organizations (NGOs) of Lebanon, your donations are assured to reach and help the people that are desperately in need.

Fire Lebanon.jpg

Firefighters douse a fire at Beirut's port. 

STR/AFP via Getty Images


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