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Mushrooms and Green Beans

Amazing with your choice of protein or on its own. This dish is simple, flavorful, and healthy!


1 medium red onion

1 1/2 cup of mushrooms

3 cups of fresh green beans

1 handful of chopped parsley

3-4 tbsp. of olive oil

1 chopped spring onion (optional)

Oregano to taste

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


  1. Chop red onion, mushrooms, and green beans.

  2. Finely chop parsley and spring onion.

  3. Add olive oil into a frying pan and heat

  4. Add green beans and onions to the pan, and sauté.

  5. Add oregano, salt and pepper to the mixture.

  6. Once green beans and onions begin to brown add spring onion and mushrooms to the pan.

  7. Cook until mushrooms browned, add parsley, and enjoy!

As we say in Lebanon #sahten wo alf hana!


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